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Medical School Interviews

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GAMSAT Section 2

It is recommended to complete at least 20 practice essays before the actual test. Use the mock Task A and B essays, along with the mock marking sheet below to help you improve your score.

Section 2 Essays Marking / Scoring Sheet (.DOC)

Section 2 Essays Marking / Scoring Sheet (.PDF)

Section 2 Essays Practice 1

Section 2 Essays Practice 2

Section 2 Essays Practice 3

Section 2 Essays Practice 4

Section 2 Essays Practice 5

Section 2 Essays Practice 6


Logs and Antilogs Practice 1

GAMSAT Chemistry 

Calculating pH and pOH Practice 1

Blood Buffer System Revision with GAMSAT-style Questions

GAMSAT Physics 

Physics Equations

Study Planner / Timetable

One-Week Study Timetable (.DOC)

One-Week Study Timetable (.PDF)

One-Month Study Timetable (.DOC)

One-Month Study Timetable (.PDF)