FREE Videos & Worksheets

FREE Videos & Worksheets

I have used these worksheets and crib sheets for tutoring GAMSAT students. They are tailored specifically to the skills/knowledge you need to succeed at GAMSAT and all include solutions (but don’t cheat!) Use these to improve your GAMSAT score completely free.

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Maths: Back to Basics Crib Sheets

Fractions: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Mental Maths Worksheets

Logs and Antilogs Practice 1

Chemistry Worksheets

Calculating pH and pOH Practice 1

Blood Buffer System Revision with GAMSAT-style Questions *New*

Biology Worksheets

Soon to be uploaded…

Section 2

Soon to be uploaded…

  • Strategy and structuring essays crib sheet
  • Themes: ideas and quotes sheets
  • Practice essay questions

Section 1

Soon to be uploaded…

  • Strategy crib sheet
  • Practice MCQ questions

Video Tutorials

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