GAMSAT Tutoring

GAMSAT Tutoring

People seek tutoring for GAMSAT for many reasons. Are you an arts grad who is disadvantaged by a non-science background? Are you a science grad who is struggling with sections I and II, and possibly also III? Do you want someone to hold you accountable to your study plan so you can ace your coming GAMSAT?

Benefits over courses and textbooks:

  • Save time and money – only spend money getting help on the topics you’re personally struggling with.
  • Personalised – lessons, homework and resources tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Independent advice on how to prepare – I’m not trying to sell you a textbook I’ve written!

What I teach/coach…

    • Organic Chemistry, standard Chemistry, Biology and Physics for GAMSAT Section III
    • Quicker mental maths for GAMSAT Section III
    • Essay writing guidance and feedback for GAMSAT Section II
    • Strategy and preparation guidance for GAMSAT Section I

How does online tutoring work?

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular. It’s far more advanced and interactive than simply holding a piece of paper up to a screen (which is what many people imagine it is at first)!

It’s super convenient. Enjoy lessons from the comfort of your kitchen table, local cafe or bedroom desk… wherever you like! All you need is a computer, webcam, microphone/headset and Skype.

In the lesson, we communicate via Skype, look at practice questions and use an online digital pen and paper to write out solutions and explain concepts – just as we would in person.

All notes made on the digital paper can be saved in a PDF file and sent to you.

My hours and rates…

See if I am a good fit for you as a tutor, with a free first lesson.

My typical tutoring hours are Mon-Sat between 10am-10pm Greenwich Mean Time.

  • £40 / A$65 / €44 per hour
  • £70 / A$114 / €77 for 2 hours together (10% SAVING)
  • £340 / A$605 / €390 for 10 sessions (15% SAVING)

Student discount: Full-time students are eligible for cheaper rates. Drop me a message so we can discuss your budget.

Face-to-face lessons: It is possible to arrange face-to-face sessions in London, UK. Rates can change depending on distance.