Interviews Coaching

Interviews Coaching

Congratulations! You have made it through the pre-requisite tests, personal statement stress and finally got an interview offer. There are two types of interviews you might encounter: panel and multiple mini interviews (MMI).

I obsessively researched every type of station and question I might encounter before my interviews. However, knowing what’s coming up and what to say is not enough, you must also PRACTICE. It is best to practice with someone who can simulate as close as possible the interactions you’ll get with the interviewers (in some universities, little interaction at all!)

Benefits over books and other providers:

  • Save money – Up to 75% cheaper than all well-known providers of 1:1 interviews coaching.
  • Personalised – Intense focus on your answers and how to improve them.
  • Interactive – Simulate the experience of having an interviewer, and receive immediate feedback on your answers.

What I coach…

    • Simulated MMI stations and full- or part-circuits
    • Simulated panel questions and full- or part-interviews
    • Preparation for every MMI station
    • Preparation for every panel interview question
    • Advice on supplementary resources

How does online interviews coaching work?

It’s super convenient. Sessions can be enjoyed from the comfort of your kitchen table, local cafe or bedroom desk… wherever you like! All you need is Skype and an internet connection.

Sometimes we may use a digital online pen and paper e.g. to create spider diagrams that will help you create personalised answers to questions – just as we would in person with normal pen and paper. You will be able to simultaneously see and edit the digital paper, making it a genuinely interactive experience. All notes made during the lesson can be saved in a PDF file and sent to you.

My hours and rates…

Free 30 min consultation on Skype for anyone interested in tuition or coaching.

      Student discount: Full-time students are eligible for cheaper rates. Drop me a message so we can discuss your budget.

      Face-to-face lessons: It is possible to arrange face-to-face sessions in London, UK. Rates can change depending on distance.