Study Coaching

Do you struggle with motivation and sticking to your study schedule? Sometimes what we really need is being held accountable and a little encouragement.

As a trained coach, I am an expert at holding you accountable, guiding you towards solutions, opportunities and effective plans.

How does study coaching work?

First, we will agree a particular goal, or series of goals, that you are determined to accomplish.

Next, we will identify a range of ways of achieving your goal or goals. Then, I will help you craft an effective plan.

I will also help you on your journey as you complete the plan and get steadily closer to achieving what you wish to.

As a coach I am trained to listen carefully and ask just the right questions to help you find solutions to problems that may be unique to you and your situation.

Don’t just take my word for it though! Experts say that coaches help you to see problems in a new light (Egan, 2001), provide guidance and recommend resources. Great coaching stimulates learning, action and change in you (Starr, 2011).

Coaching sessions are confidential; anything discussed stays between you and me.

Coaching sessions can be online via Skype or Zoom.

The best way to find out if coaching is for you is to book a 30 minute free consultation. If you find the session helpful, simply book more sessions!

Book a 30 Minute Consultation