Hi, I’m Eleanor! I am a Graduate Entry Medicine student and a professional science tutor who has worked with many of London’s top tuition agencies. I am also one of the few specialist GAMSAT tutors.

My mission is to help more grads get into Medicine.

I am currently studying Graduate Entry Medicine at St George’s in the UK.

The money I earn via Graduate Medicine Success supports the maintenance of this website, my studies and the free resources that I make.


I am currently in my second year of Graduate Entry Medicine. In 2017, I achieved a distinction in a MSc in Biomedical Engineering (Queen Mary, University of London). Prior to this, I undertook a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and Synthetic Organic Chemistry (UCL).

Tutoring experience

Shortly after my first GAMSAT sitting, I began tutoring Maths and Science part-time. At first I tutored GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I quickly gained favourable testimonials and decided to expand what I offered.

I now tutor GCSE, A level and BSc students.

I have drawn on my successes getting into three different courses (BSc, MSc and MBBS) to help my students with personal statements.

I have helped students to prepare for red brick university and medical school interviews, again, by drawing on my own experiences.

After I scored in the top 12% in GAMSAT and thus had achieved the score I needed to get an interview, I began to tutor other GAMSAT takers. I have been tutoring GAMSAT since 2017.

In my second year of Graduate Entry Medicine, I was successful at applying to be a clinical skills tutor. I am now paid to teach clinical skills to medical students in the years below me at my medical school.

My teaching philosophy

  • Patience – I’m always happy to re-explain a concept. It’s OK if you make mistakes. I am here to help you learn, not tell you off like a teacher!
  • Clarity – I break complex concepts down into easily digestible chunks, and run back through the basics if necessary.
  • Empowerment – I’ll help you develop a positive, can-do attitude which will aid you throughout your journey to medical school.
  • Challenge – I will push you into your “stretch zone”. I regularly ask for your input, test your understanding with mini quizzes and probing questions. Yet, I still make sure lessons are fun and you leave feeling positive about the progress you’ve made.