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What I can help you with…

To learn more about my experience as a tutor and also my GAMSAT and medical school journey, please see here.

How does online tutoring/coaching work?

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular. It’s far more advanced and interactive than simply holding a piece of paper up to a screen (which is what many people imagine it is at first)!

It’s also super convenient. Enjoy lessons from the comfort of your kitchen table, local cafe, bedroom desk… wherever you like! All you need is Skype and an internet connection.

Recent Testimonials

“As a Humanities graduate the science aspect of the GAMSAT was very daunting. With Eleanor’s help I have been able to start tackling section 3 more successfully. She adapts the lessons to your learning style and pace and makes difficult subjects interesting.” – Caitlin, GAMSAT

“Eleanor is a patient and hardworking teacher who always goes the extra mile both in her preparation of lessons and in following them up with extra worksheets and other resources. My lessons with her have been extremely helpful and I feel I have grown in confidence under her instruction. Thank you, Eleanor!” – Ellie, GAMSAT

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My hours and rates…

Free 30 min consultation on Skype for anyone interested in tuition or coaching.

Student discount: Full-time students are eligible for cheaper rates. Drop me a message so we can discuss your budget.

Face-to-face lessons: It is possible to arrange face-to-face sessions in London, UK. Rates may change depending on distance.

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