GAMSAT Free Resources Master List

During my GAMSAT prep I came across many free resources by word of mouth, forums and Googling. But it took MONTHS for me to build up a bank of freebies.

To save you the trouble of trawling forums and Google I’ve put a tonne of them on this page. Enjoy!

I personally did not use all of these resources because some didn’t exist when I took the GAMSAT (2015 & 2016). So, I CAN’T say these are the best resources out there. They are simply the FREE ones. I have listed them so you know what freebies are out there.

Suggest additions to this list by emailing me. Is there a resource you can’t see that you’d like me to make? Again, send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Section 1

Section 2

I’ve also created some practice essay questions & a marking sheet you can use with your study buddies or by yourself.

Practice Questions & Marking Sheet

Section 3

Unofficial syllabuses

I’ve also created some worksheets you may find helpful.

Score predictor

Score predictor by The maker of this calculator admits its limitations. It can’t predict your mark with certainty by any means. In order to use it, you’ll need to have completed ACER’s Practice Test 1 (green) and Practice Test 2 (purple). It was created before Practice Test 3 (pink) came out, so it won’t take that one into account.

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TheMedicBlog’s 30 day GAMSAT challenge

Providers of free webinars / tutorials

Study Planners / Timetables

Free study planners to download either as Microsoft Word files (.DOC) or PDFs.