GAMSAT, UCAT & BMAT 2020 Updates

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things, including the way medical school admissions tests are being run. There have also been some general content changes.

Find all you need to know about taking GAMSAT, UCAT and BMAT in 2020 below.

Last updated: 15th July 2020


The test organisers, ACER, recommend registering as early as possible to avoid disappointment – places at certain test locations may be limited.

Registration for the September test: 8th July – 17th August 2020

Late registrations deadline: Fri 28th August 2020

Testing period: 28th Sept – 11th October 2020

Results out: Nov 2020

Sitting arrangements: 

Digital online test but you will need to physically go in to GAMSAT testing centres.

You can select the most convenient location for you (e.g. London, Melbourne) but you will be randomly allocated to a venue within that location and testing session (date, time). Your test venue, date and time will be confirmed 3 weeks before your test day on your admission ticket.

If COVID-19 government restrictions change a remote proctored test may become an option.

Scraps of paper are allowed.

You will be able to skip questions without answering them and return to them later if within the SAME SECTION. Once you’ve completed a section you will NOT be able to go back.

Fees: UK £265, Ireland €338, Australia $510

Late fees: UK £60, Ireland €70, Australia $100

Content changes: There will be fewer questions in sections I and III but also less time for these sections.

Keep an eye on ACER’s website, Facebook and Twitter for updates.


They’re encouraging people to take the test test sooner rather than later.

Register: from 1st July 2020

Testing: 3rd Aug – 1st Oct 2020

Content changes: none!

Sitting arrangements:

Sit a proctored test at home OR take it at a test centre.

On 22nd June UCAT confirmed that candidates taking the test from home will be allowed to use erasable whiteboards, to many peoples’ relief.

Learn more at the UCAT website.


September test cancelled!

November test going ahead.

Register (standard fee): 1st Sept – 1st Oct 2020

Test date: 4th November 2020

Content changes: Section 1 changes (see their website for details)

Learn more at


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